Musician Eric Acakpo and dance-artist Francesca Pedullà have worked together since 2004, teaching, creating contexts for cultural and artistic exchange and performing in Benin and abroad. Confronted both personally and professionally by the benefits and the challenges of being in a dialogue besides cultural differences and unconscious bias, they committed to focusing their work on exploring how such dialogue can be mutually enriching and transformative.

Sonagnon was founded in 2006 to pursue their work and research among collectivities. It provides an exchange and learning platform for artists.

We work inclusively with local communities and test the impact that the encounter between different forms of art and different cultures have on each of us.

/ Our Partners

A young beninese web marketing production communication agency.  Art and culture lovers Weziza produce videos, documentaries, graphic design.

CACO’s objective is to bring together all the cultural players in the commune of Ouidah in order to promote all the art professions and  to make Ouidah a culturally powerful city. CACO organizes cultural, artistic events and festivals in the historic city of Ouidah.

ASRM is an informal consortium of independent movement and fitness teachers, dancers, acrobats, physiotherapists and scientists who are inspired by Frey Faust’s innovative project. The members of the ASRM see the value in Frey’s initiative in consolidating the Axis Syllabus and the humanitarian contribution in his philosophy of a shared information gathering effort. 

The Axis Syllabus is a repository of useful information concerning the use, preparation, treatment, structure, function, limitation and potential of the human body in motion. It is constantly reviewed, edited, updated and monitored for health and welfare veracity and utility. The ASRM are people who want to make sure that the content of the AS is up to date and relevant. The ASRM are people who want to integrate the knowledge of the AS into their daily lives and their work and share it with the world.


This international dance festival combines research, pedagogy and entertainment in an integrated format around an annually identified theme. Born and nested within the Axis Syllabus  Research Meshwork, Scie promotes dance and the arts as devices for analysis, a way to sponsor dialogue between reality and the communities that practice them. Finally as an ethical and innovative way of learning, using and transmitting movement starting from the study of the human body and its integrated relationship with the environment. To do this, it activates a network of connections within relevant topics, bringing together both a large national and international audience. In its fourth edition, Scie has received the support of the Municipality of Bologna, of the Emilia Romagna Region, and has maintained partnerships with important places in the city, such as: Oratorio San Filippo Neri; DAMSLab – Department of Arts of the University of Bologna; MAMbo-Museum of Modern Art

The CCRI John Smith is a multi-disciplinary place created to promote the meeting between different stakeholders in the creation, production and artistic dissemination. The priorities of the centre’s project relate to the development of a strong link with the inhabitants of the territory. , and the construction of the recognition of the place as a cultural anchor point for the community.The project in fact associates heritage, research and contemporary creation, particularly in the fields of writing, with an artistic program, including workshops and seminars, residences, shows as well as actions to promote heritage and tourism. This strong local territorial development is joined by a desire for international influence and exchanges.

Architetture di corpi is a cultural association based in Italy, active throughout the country as well as abroad. The APS Architetture di corpi strives to convey culture, art and knowledge starting from the study and experience of the body in motion. Dance, theater, music, performing arts are chosen tools to sink into the complexity of reality and always draw new horizons from it, in an attempt to continue to grow as individuals and as a community. The association works to create formats that are sensitive to the new needs of the community, and of artistic research, making the integration of different disciplines and research fields its pillar.

The aim of Posidonia Green Project is to promote an eco-responsible society linking human well-being with a special focus on environmental protection.

The organization plays the following three strategic areas resulting from the sustainability basis: Science & innovation, Communication & Dissemination, Policy & lobbying.